8/1/2020 Short Courses at Holliday Park

In-person orienteering is back with short courses at Holliday Park.   Short courses provide a great introduction to the sport of orienteering or help build sprint speed for experienced runners.  Please see our instructions for socially distanced orienteering document below.

PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY: Please click here for registration

Pre-registration closes at 6:00 pm Fri. July 31.


Near the Ruins at Holliday Park, 6363 Spring Mill Rd. Indianapolis, IN


Two short/sprint courses.


10:00 am Map Pick-up and First Course Starts

12:30 pm Last Course Starts

1:30 pm Courses Closed - Control Pickup Begins


$7.00/group (OUSA club members and Scouts attending with their troop)

$12.00/group (non-members)

$2.00/group SI Card Rental

Fee is PER GROUP, whether the group is one person or five! The fee includes one map with one clue sheet. Additional maps may be purchased for $2.00 each.