12/07/13 - Camp Belzer

Thanks to the hearty crew who joined us at Camp Belzer today for a beautiful, if bracing, day of navigating in the woods. Special thanks to those from Illinois who made the drive to spend some time on our small Belzer map.

My son Joshua co-directed this meet, which involved helping with the course designs and doing all the vetting with me the weekend before the meet. It was fun showing him all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into an orienteering event. He overheard many positive comments about the courses in the cabin, and told me that it felt good to know that his work was received well, so thanks to you all for that.

Thanks to Jen and Olivia Tullis for their support at registration, and Jerry Lyons, Mike Garrison, Gary Hite and Frank Baukert for their help with setup and coordination. Thanks also to Matt Jourdan for control pickup on the day after the meet.

Please find the meet results below.


Eric Tullis