Camp Belzer

On Line Registration

The vegetation is a little thick in spot for the Orange course. Long pants or other leg protection is recommended.


Beginner (White)

Intermediate (Yellow)

Advanced (Orange)  


10:00am Registration Opens

10:30pm First Course Starts

1:00pm Last Course Starts

3:00pm Courses Closed - Control Pickup Begins


For advance registration , the meet fee is $5.00 per person/group for members of any OUSA-chartered club and $12.00 for non-members. The fee includes one map and one clue sheet. Remember, this fee is only per group. So if your family completes a course together you pay ONE fee, not a fee for every member of your family! For small groups, additional map sets may be purchased for $2.00 each and SI fingersticks may be rented for $2. For day-of-meet registrations, the fees are $7/ $15/$3/$3 (member/non-member/maps/fingerstick), and are subject to map/SI availability.


Dogs are not permitted at Camp Belzer.