08/27/17 - Eagle Creek Park Paddle-O

Event: Annual "Paddle O" Special Event!  PLEASE NOTE BOAT RENTAL INFO BELOW!

Location:  Earth Discovery Center (the boat ramp off the EDC parking lot - follow signs for the EDC from either the 56th St. or 71st St. entrances to the park.  Please note that standard park entry fees will apply.)

Overflow Parking: If you find the EDC lot to be full, park in the Peace Learning Center lot (just north of the EDC on DeLong Road).

Time Schedule: (Indianapolis is on Eastern Daylight Saving Time)

1:00pm -- Registration opens

2:00pm -- Start for the 4-hour paddling event

2:00 – 4:00 pm  -- The 2-hour paddling event participants and 2-hour foot event participants can start anytime between 2:00 and 4:00 pm

6:00pm -- Cutoff for all events

Courses: There are three course options:  4 hour paddling event, 2 hour paddling event, OR a 2 hour foot-only event.

Skill Levels: All skill levels are welcome, but be aware that a score-o event doesn't have pre-defined courses of varying difficulty. The score-o presents all controls on one map and the participant chooses which controls to visit within the allotted time. Also, for those choosing the paddle event, the fun factor will be directly proportional to your skill level in handling a canoe (paddling in circles when you're trying to go somewhere gets old fast). Please come out and join us for a fun afternoon.

Registration Fees: There will be on-site event-day registration, as usual. Fees for this event are $10/individual Club Members and $15/individual Non Club Members (or team, if you are planning on putting more than one person in a boat).  As always, extra maps are available at $2/map.  Also note that there is a gate fee for the park, so carpool if you'd like to save some money!

Boat Rentals: If you would like to rent a boat from ICO, you MUST Register on line or contact us by Friday 8/25 at info@indyo.org to let us know! Boat rentals are $8/boat through the club.  Boats are plastic and can seat up to three people on a built-in middle seat.  You are certainly welcome to bring your own boat as well (you will pay an extra $3 car-top boat launch fee along with your gate fee when you enter the park).