Come join us for our annual "Cold-O" at Southwestway Park with a rejuvenated and larger map!

Event: Our annual winter Score-O event

Date: 01/27/2018

Location: Southwestway Park Southwestway Park (Reactivated!)

Event Director:  Mike Garrison

Day-of-race registration will be available.

Don't forget that ICO now has an SI electronic punching system and we're planning to use it for this event.

Schedule: (Indianapolis is on Eastern Standard Time)

9:00 am -- Registration opens

10:00 am -- 2 hour course starts

10:30 am -- 1 hour course starts

11:30 am -- 1 hour course cutoff

12:00 pm -- 2 hour course cutoff

Courses: 1 and 2 hour courses. Standard Score-O format, obtain as many points as possible within the time limit.

Skill Levels: All skill levels.

Registration:  Individuals or teams may either sign up for any course. We suggest group size of less than 5 whenever possible.

Fees:  The meet fee is $5.00 per person/group for members of any OUSA-chartered club and $12.00 for non-members. The fee includes one set of maps and one clue sheet. Remember, this fee is only per group. So if your family completes a course together you pay ONE fee, not a fee for every member of your family! For small groups, additional map sets may be purchased for $2.00 each and SI fingersticks may be rented for $2.

Volunteers: We're always looking for help at these meets. The bigger the volunteer pool, the more events we can host each year. If you can lend a hand, please contact us at