Yellowwood Meet Reminder (updates!)

Post date: Nov 01, 2011 11:4:15 PM

Just a reminder that our Yellowwood Meet is this Saturday, November 5th.  There are a couple of updates on the main meet page you will want to check out.

First, due to the longer drive (for most) and the darker mornings we are pushing the start back to 10am.  This will push everything in the schedule back an hour.  This change has been reflected in the info on the meet page.

Second, we need volunteers!! We need help with admin and some course setting.  All the controls for the long courses have been set, but we need help setting the shorter white and yellow course controls the morning of the event.  Two people should be able to do this in less than an hour.  Also, we need a couple of people to handle admin.  NO EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED.  We will have someone there to instruct you, but you will be doing all the admin work.  If you would like to do admin for future meets, now is your chance to get trained!

Third, due to participant request we are planning on having a limited number of premarked maps available for each course.  If you would like one, make sure you show up at 10am sharp!

As always you can reach us at to let us know your availability for volunteering.

Click here for meet details