Yellowwood Meet this Saturday

Post date: Oct 31, 2010 1:36:15 AM

Just a reminder to get next Saturday's (Nov. 6) meet on your calendar.  We'll be offering a white yellow and orange courses, as well as two options for advanced courses.  Yellowwood is a great property and the weather is looking to be fantastic.  Below are a few notes on what to expect at this Saturday's meet.

White course - The white course is pretty normal compared to what you are used to.  It will follow primarily trails with a few other obvious handrails.

    Distance - 1.5k

    Climb - minimal

Yellow Course - Also predominantly following trails, however you'll have to keep a sharp eye out as the leaf fall has partially obscured the trails in some areas.  Great opportunity to practice reading other features while following trails.  There are a few opportunities to "shortcut" with short sections going off trail

    Distance - 2.5k

    Climb - minimal

Orange Course - The majority of this course can be done following trails, but that will increase your distance.  There are a couple of off trail points, but they can be attacked from very prominent features.  You'll also get to experience a little more of the hills out at Yellowwood!

    Distance - 3.5k

    Climb - moderate

Green Course - Your typical advanced course.  Mostly off trail with the potential to use trails at the expense of distance.  There is significantly more climbing on this course, but it's still quite doable by anyone of reasonable fitness.  It does share some points with the Blue course.

    Distance - 6k

    Climb - significant

Blue Course - Long advanced course.  Lots of off trail navigation with some high probability of parallel error if you're not careful.  Some good route choice decisions to be made between a few controls.  This one IS hilly.  As it shares the first few and last few controls with the green course we will likely give you a time target for a particular control.  If you don't make that target you'll be asked to switch to the green course.  This way our volunteers aren't out there too long, and you still get a time for a full official course.  Also, we will be cutting off starts for the blue course at 10am, so if you want to do it please get there early!

    Distance - 8.5k

    Climb - more than enough

(actual amounts of climb will be available the morning of the meet.)

We will be using the Etrackpoint electronic punching system this Saturday, although we'll have a limited number of readers.  If you'd like to check it out, get there early as it will be first come for the Yellow, Orange, Green and Blue courses.  We'll try to get at least three to four runners on each course using the setup.

If you can't make the meet in the morning, please consider coming out later in the day to help with cleanup.  You can walk the longer course at a more casual pace, enjoy the beautiful terrain, improve your navigation skills (it's amazing how much you can improved navigating "off the clock") and help out the club!  Saturday would be ideal but if you can't make it till Sunday that will work to.

As always, email us if you have any questions! (

Mike Garrison