Rogaine Update

Post date: Mar 24, 2011 1:44:34 AM

Registration is now officially closed for this years rogaine!  Turnout is looking to be great, even though the weather might not be quite as good...  Now, on to a few event related updates.

Our course designer has a few comments on travel that you'll find below.  Please be sure to check them out and make your commute to the event a little easier.

There have been a few questions about water.  There will be water available at the start/finish, but you should plan on NO refills on the course.  We have plenty of food for after the event as well as hot cocoa.

We've had a few people have to back out on their teammates so if you missed registration and are still interested, contact us at and we'll see if we can throw together some last minute teams.  Also, if you might be open to a last minute addition to your team, let us know!

There is a limited amount of parking at the site.  Please carpool whenever possible or at the very least meet your team nearby and carpool to the event start.  Once you are at the start, please park in the RV area if possible and leave the other spaces for volunteer/DNR/tourists.  Thank you very much for helping out with this.


While the weather forecast doesn’t promise the large amounts of rain we had a few weeks ago, it is possible that they could be wrong.  If this happens, Steele Rd by Salt Creek might be flooded again.  If the road is flooded, you will need to go back out to SR-46, go west 3 miles, turn left on Kent Rd, and follow it back east to Steele Rd.

Also, SR-46 thru Bloomington is under construction.  It's not too much trouble in the early morning, but it is a lot slower in the evening peak hours.


Finally, I-465 at SR-37 is also under construction.  The ramps are open but they’ve shifted all lanes to the NB side.  Once again, it's not been too much trouble in the early AM, but you can expect delays.  Everyone should consider using SR-67 to SR-144 to SR-37 or take US-31 to Southport Rd, turn right, and take it west to SR-37. It would be wise to allow extra time.

As always, don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Indiana Crossroads Orienteering