12/07/13 - Camp Belzer


Eric and Joshua Tullis


Camp Belzer, 1:5000 map. Click HERE for directions to the camp.


White (1.8k), Yellow (2.4k), Score (60-min time limit, 28 controls)


9:00am Registration Opens

9:30am Beginner's Training (1st session)

10:00am First Course Start

10:30am Beginner's Training (2nd session)

12:00pm Last Course Start

3:00pm Courses Closed - Control Pickup


$5.00/group (USOF club members)

$15.00/group (non-members)

Fee is PER GROUP, whether the group is one person or five! The fee includes one map, one punch card, and one clue sheet. Additional maps may be purchased for $2.00 each. Your registration fee allows you to run as many courses as you like in the time allowed.


About the Score-O: There are 28 controls worth one point each. Your job is to try to get the most points in 60 minutes. For each minute past 60 that you’re on the course, one point will be deducted from your score. There will not be a mass start. You’ll start whenever you’re ready, just like a regular cross-country course, and any deductions will be calculated later.

In order to mitigate any foul weather issues, our HQ will be the Kahn Shelter, due west of the main parking lot, across the bridge (see location map below). Registration and the training sessions will be held in the cabin, and the start/finish area will be just outside it.

The master maps will include one out-of-bounds area. The "K-Hut" burned down in September of 2012, and has not been rebuilt. It is now marked as a ruin on the map, but the trail leading to the K-Hut site is currently blocked off with flexible orange fence. The area immediately surrounding the K-Hut will be marked as out-of-bounds, so please look for that as you are copying your maps.


We’re going to try to have some hot food in the cabin for returning runners (probably chili or a stew), so be sure to revisit the cabin after your run to warm back up, discuss your courses, and eat before you go!


Email info@indyo.org if you can help out at the meet. Thanks!