at Southwestway Park

Sun. Jan. 28, 2024

Cool and breezy weather helped the 2024 Cold-O live up to it's name.  Fifty orienteers braved the weather and took on the "Super Score-O" course planned by Aidan and Rob Minto.  The map had 26 controls, 20 of which were connected in pairs (Dogbones).  Each control was worth 10 points with an extra 20 points available when the two controls in a Dogbone were punched consecutively.  Super bonus points (25 points) could be had by completing each of the 2 grids of Dogbones on the map.  Two racers, Mattias Eriksson and Dylan Poe, earned the most possible points (510 points) within the 2 hr race.   

Thanks to Aidan and Rob Minto for planning the courses, Rob Minto and Brenda Blacklock for setting out and retrieving controls, Brenda Blacklock for check-in and download, Mike Minium for help with check-in, and Tom Marten, Kyle Wills, Vicki Tiltson, Frank Baukert, and Alex and Mattias Eriksson for control pick up.   

Thanks  to all who came out and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

To upload/share your own route (e.g., from Strava) or analyze the route choices of others, see this link to the LiveLox page for this event.

Detailed Results (links out to Google sheet)

2024 Cold O Results Detailed.xlsx