EC Score O results, Cataract Void and CtC Rogaine

Post date: Jan 17, 2011 8:26:9 PM

Score O

First off, the results are finally posted for our annual Eagle Creek Score O.  You can see them on the web page by clicking here.  Despite the frigid temps we had a really good turnout.  (Thankfully Jerry was able to procure the use of Eagle's Crest so that we could all prepare before hand and socialize afterwards out of the cold.)  Thirty-seven teams/individuals committed to a 2 hour effort and 7 more chose the one hour offering.  Thanks to all for coming out!  

A big thank you to Jay Newlin, for designing and setting another great course for us, (this is at least the 3rd or 4th year he's done it).  We also need to thank Monty Wilson, Rachel Moir and Carrie Kirkpatrick for taking care of our registration and scoring.  Finally, Cristal Garrison, Paula Pearson and Debi Swinford for cleaning the course that same day, in the same cold weather!

For those of you that are interested, we've also posted some raw data from the eTrakpoint electronic scoring system for you to take a look at.  (Click here)  The meet was used to test the score O functionality of the system as well as to evaluate the punches.  More specifically, to make sure the electronic buttons remained stuck to the punches in the cold weather.  (For the record, the buttons stayed on great, although at least one punch cracked in the cold).

Cataract Void

We're going to try again for a Cataract Void meet this February 19th.  Hopefully mother nature will cooperate and leave out the nearly foot of snow that cancelled the meet last year.  Anyone interested in helping out with some map updates please contact Jerry Lyons (  The club will be providing food and supplies for a weekend excursion to head out there and do some cleaning up and updating to the map.  Those of you that have any interest in improving your "O" skills, this is a GREAT opportunity to do so!  As always, we can always use help with event day volunteers as well.

2011 Conquer the Crossroads Rogaine

Finally, this years rogaine will be on March 26th and will be somewhere in southern Indiana.  Exact location will be published soon and registration will be open online (and via mail) this week, so keep checking the website for details!