02/01/14 - Eagle Creek West Score-O

Despite Mother Nature's apparent intent desire to stop this event from even occurring in 2014 we had an impressive turnout for almost 30 groups/solos. We even had some members of neighboring clubs OCIN (Cincinnati) and OLOU (Louisville) brave the less-than-ideal road conditions to join us.


Speaking of less-than-ideal conditions, the arctic cold that has had Indianapolis on lockdown for weeks now eased up just enough to allow for some "balmy" temps in the 30's. No fear though, a frigid rain began to fall steadily right as the runners began their day in the woods. Between the rain and varying numbers of slips, slides and tumbles down the hills, pretty much everyone came back to the finish looking like they had participated in a "polar bear plunge" rather than an orienteering event!


But despite all of this everyone had a great time at our first event of the year! Once again club member Mattias Erikssson posted the fastest time for this event clearing the course for a total of 48 points in 1:29. Great job!


Big thanks to Jay Newlin for designing the course, Monty Wilson for helping Jay to set the course, Jerry Lyons for coordinating materials for the meet and Ron Stevens for pitching in at registration, and to everybody who battled the conditions to come out for our Score-O this year!