07/09/16 - Holliday Park Sprints


Please enter the park from the western entrance from Spring Mill Rd.

Turn right upon entering the park through the western entrance and proceed straight to the parking loop near the playground at the end of the road.

Directions to Park


Rob Minto (event director, mapping/course setting)

Aidan Minto (vetting/mapping)


Three sprint courses to choose from: 1 introductory 1.7 km and 2 distinct advanced both 3.0 km.


10:30 am Registration Opens

10:45 am Beginner's Training

11:00 am First Course Starts

1:00 pm Last Course Starts

2:00 pm Courses Closed - Control Pickup Begins


$5.00/group (OUSA club members)

$7.00/group (non-members, introductory map only)

$12.00/group (non-members)

$3.00/group SI Card Rental

Fee is PER GROUP, whether the group is one person or five! The fee includes one map and one clue sheet. Additional maps may be purchased for $2.00 each. Your registration fee allows you to run as many courses as you like in the time allowed.

There is no preregistration for this meet but if you will need a large number of maps, please let us know at info@indyo.org.


This is only the second time we have recently run at the Holliday Park. The map has been substantially changed this spring, with new contours and detail along the White River. Come and experience very fast courses with a dash of forest sprinting. Due to park rules, travel in the forested areas of Holliday Park is on-trail only, which will be a good challenge for your route selection.

On advanced courses, there is poison ivy and a few nettles near the river. Wear leg cover if you have a strong reaction to poison ivy. Depending upon the weather, the lower parts of the course may be wet/muddy..

There will likely be restrooms open at the Nature Center and port-o-lets by the playground.


Help is always needed with registration, start/finish, and control pickup. Please email info@indyo.org if you can help out at the meet. Thanks!