TriState Sprint Orienteering Club Championships

Bulletin #2:

Tri-State Sprint Orienteering Championship

and Individual Sprint Tournament

Sun. Apr. 24, 2022

IUPUI/White River State Park/Downtown Canal







The 2nd Annual Tri-State Sprint Orienteering Championships is hosted by Indiana Crossroads Orienteering Club on Sun. Apr. 24, 2022.  We have a brand-new campus/urban map to test your sprint skills on with an individual tournament and club team relay races. 

Location and Parking

We will be using the IUPUI campus, White River State Park, and Indianapolis downtown canal area.  All terrain from the square defined by Michigan Ave. to the north, W. Washington St. to the south, University Blvd to the west, and N. Capitol Ave to the east are out of bounds by foot from Sunday at 7:00 am. 

I70 is closed approaching the downtown area from the east.  The best route from the east is to access I465 from I74 or I70, and travel south to the I65 exchange and proceed north on I65.  From northbound I65 take exit 110B onto I70 westbound.  From I70W take exit 79A toward West St. then left on New York St. and right onto N. Blackford St.   Parking will be in the lot at the NE corner of N. Blackford St. and New York St. 

Please use one of the short-term parking kiosks located on the NW and SE corners of the lot or the ParkMobile app (lot 27085) to pay for parking ($1/hr).  Upon arrival, please remain in the parking lot for warm-up.  Directions to restrooms will be provided.


The IUPUI/White River State Park/Downtown Canal area has been mapped over the past couple of years as a labor of love by two amateur mappers.  Your gentle feedback will be appreciated.

There are some large and very busy roads on the map.  All roads that have more than 2 lanes of traffic in each direction are strictly out of bounds as indicated with magenta hatching.  Sidewalks along these roads are in bounds  At some places on the map, there is a usable path under the large road that is indicated with dashed lines on the road and the magenta hatching has been removed for clarity.  These DO NOT show street-level crossing points. 

The map was produced using pre-2017 ISSOM standard with a few exceptions.  Man-made feature, distinctive tree and small tree/bush symbols are mapped with the new standard (slightly smaller symbols with a white dot in the middle of the small tree/bush symbol).  Multi-level structures, where it is possible to run both above and below the path, are mapped with the new standard.  Olive green has been used to indicate gardens that are not to be crossed.  Some of these gardens have trees that aren’t explicitly mapped.

See the Bulletin #2 pdf file attached for images of these map features.


General Safety

It will be a warm day and the area might be busy with non-participants and possibly people on scooters.  Be careful going through tight passages, on stairs, and darting out from behind cement pillars.

Water features may only be crossed using bridges.


Individual Tournament  11:30 am

Everyone will run two short courses.  The first course (“initial” race) will have staggered starts and will be the same for all competitors.  Starts for the first course close at 12:15 pm.  This course has many crossings of three small streets and several parking lots; please be careful and don’t trust the cars.  Results from the first course will be used to place competitors in A (elite) or B finals, which will start approximately 20 minutes after the last runner finishes the first course. 

Finals courses will be forked.  Multiple competitors will be on the start line at one time and will, upon the signal of the start official, punch their individual start boxes and then open their rolled maps.  There is a map flip for both courses. 

Courses will only have symbolic clue sheets.  Olive green is part of the route choice and is out of bounds (whether you think it should be crossable or not).  There is one dangerous crossing above a loading zone that is marked out with pink shading. 


Club Team Relay after 1:30 pm from the IUPUI South Meadow (south of building at SW corner of N. Blackford St. and New York St.)

Three races ranging from beginner/intermediate to advanced with 3-person teams. 

Bibs:               Each runner will wear a bib with a number that indicates the race, team number, and leg                         number.  For example, Bib #            12 – 2 – 1   will be worn by the first runner of the second                         team in the 12+ pt race.

Start:              Each of the categories will have a mass start.  The 4+ pt and 8+ pt categories will have maps distributed face down on the ground at the start line.  The first segment runner on the 12+ teams will be able to pick up the map 5 minutes before the start.  Very young runners will be allowed to get help from a parent in viewing the course while waiting in the starting chute.  No runners will punch a start box.

                        Order of starts:  4+ pt, 8+ pt, 12+ pt


Category courses in running order:


                        12+     Yellow (leg 1), Orange (leg 2), Brown (leg 3)

                        8+        Orange (leg 1), Brown (leg 2), Green (leg 3)

                        4+        Brown (leg 1), Green (leg 2), Red (leg 3)



Finish and change-over:    

                        At the end of the course, the first and second leg runners will punch finish, drop their maps then proceed to a nearby table to pick up the map for the next leg.  They will deliver the map to the runner waiting at the start triangle who will punch start as soon as they receive the map.  The finisher will then go to the download station.





Thank You To Everyone Who Helped!

Brenda Blacklock and Rob Minto:  map, course design, event directors

Stephanie Ross, Louis Smith, and Mattias Eriksson:  club team coordinators

Matthew Robbins:  results

Amy Lamborg:  medals

Aidan Minto:  equipment help

Others:  control pick-up