Yellowwood Meet Results Posted

Post date: Nov 08, 2011 2:41:1 AM

The weather this past Saturday was almost perfect for meet at Yellowwood.  Turnout was great with  almost 60 starts.  All five courses had a good showing.  We even had a 13 month old complete the Yellow course (with his father) and a 5 month old complete the white course (with his family) and everyone seemed to have a blast!

Results for all of the courses are now posted here.

A big thanks to Jerry Lyons for designing and setting the majority of the course.  Also, Ron Stevens helped out setting controls the morning of the meet.  Brenda Blacklock and Cristal Garrison held down the admin duties with some help from Jennifer Fields.  Rob Minto completed a clinic for a scout troop and Frank Baukert completed another clinic for some first timers  Aidan Minto was also a big help in scoring runners as they came in.  Cristal got started on course pickup and the final course pickup was finished up by James Nichols, Craig Healey, Aaron Phillips and Robbie Williams.  Craig also managed to find Jerry's phone that had been lost a week earlier while setting the course!

All the volunteers made this a very successful meet!

We'll get info out soon for the December 4th meet at Belzer, when we will also have our elections, and annual membership meeting.  Look forward to seeing you there!