05/16/15 - Robb Hill (Bradford Woods)

The air was thick with humidity at the start but Old Swimming Hole Lake was a place of serenity: croaking frogs, lily pads floating and a light mist.  Twenty runners and teams took on the twists and earthen hummocks of Bradford Woods, the spring warmth for later runners interrupted not so briefly by an early afternoon downpour.

Thanks to everyone that helped make the event happen:  Frank Baukert (beginner's clinic), Al Gossard & Dick Whicker (carrying in supplies), Tom & Gabe Svobodny and Alex Izzo (control pickup), and Brenda Blacklock & Aidan Minto (control placing & cleanup, registration).

And a special welcome back to control 229, its skeleton coming out of the woods after uncounted years at 5:25 pm, which with a tune-up will be ready to be found by another runner.