2012 Rogaine Update

Post date: Apr 03, 2012 1:37:19 PM

For all of you doing this years Rogaine, please read this email!  (For any of you that are still interested, it's not too late to get signed up!

1) Final update packet is available for download from the web site, just click through from this email and download from the announcement, or the event page.  If you have any problems, please contact us and we will email you a copy.  PLEASE REVIEW THE PACKET IN IT'S ENTIRETY!! It has answers to most of your questions about directions, start times, etc.

2) CARPOOLING - Please read the section of the packet about carpooling.  Parking is VERY limited and we need everyone to cooperate as much as possible.  Please consider meeting your team (or other teams even!) at a nearby parking lot and carpooling to the start.  If you want specifics, Frank's contact info is in the packet.  Give him a call.  Thanks for the help!

3) Team List - Please check the Team List posted here to make sure your team is registered, you're in the right division, all teammates are accounted for etc.  If anything looks out of sorts contact Mike Garrison at mgarrison@indyo.org.

As always, let us know if you have any questions, and we'll see you out there!