Halloween O Results

Post date: Oct 29, 2011 4:25:30 PM

Thanks to everyone for coming out for our annual Halloween O!  The turnout was staggering, so much so that our volunteers had their hands full.  Speaking of which, a huge thanks to our volunteers; Cristal Garrison, Frank and Frankie Baukert, Jennifer Fields, Pamela Black, Paula Pearson and Jason Zorilla for all their help the day of the meet.  And thanks to George Dial for helping to pick up controls.  And finally, thanks to anyone that we forgot to mention that may have helped out with the little things.  Every little bit helps!  It takes a lot of work to make these events happen and it's ALL done by volunteers.  We've been seeing more and more involvement and would love to see that trend continue so if you've been thinking about helping out, stop thinking and shoot us an email!

Back to the meet, we had some real competition for the top spot on the 2 hour course.  No one was able to obtain all the controls, so strategy and control selection played a big part in final results.  Unfortunately the final "trick" of our Halloween O is that we missed Joel Sauer's punch card somehow and he in fact had the highest total points, with just a slightly faster time than Rob Minto.  It's amazing that with different route choices the two ended up so close!

Click here for the results, and stay tuned for some information on our upcoming Yellowwood and Camp Belzer meets!