Celery Bog Nature Area Feb. 26, 2023

We were excited to try out the newest and most northerly ICO map on Sun. Feb. 26 for our point to point meet at Celery Bog Nature Area in West Lafayette.  Thank you to Dylan Poe and Alex and Mattias Eriksson for all of their work in drafting and field checking the map and to Matthew Robbins for the base map.  

Mattias and Alex set the courses and put out the controls. Mattias, Alex, Rob Minto, and Brenda Blacklock gave beginners clinics and cleared the controls.

A very special thank you to all the registrants and additional donors who supported the Ukrainian charity helping children in the front-line city of Kharkiv (https://a-help.com.ua/en/index.html), and especially to the members of the West Lafayette/Lafayette Ukrainian community for a delicious lunch, and to Mattias Eriksson and Yulia Pushkar for opening their home for the lunch.  In total, the meet proceeds and donations raised over $2020.


The longest advanced course of the day (Red) was won by English orienteering star Ed Catmur, who lives in Chicago at the moment. Canadian national team orienteer Jan Erik Naess (also based in Chicago) was second, and former junior world champion Maricel Olaru (also in Chicago) third.

The beginner's course (White) was won by young Liam Jacobs of West Lafayette in his first orienteering race ever.

Full results can be found on the links below: