Tristate Sprint Orienteering Club Championship  April 24, 2022

Thank you to all who came out to compete for your club at the Tristate Sprint Orienteering Club Championships!  We are happy to hear all of the positive comments and to have had the chance to show off Indianapolis' beautiful downtown canal, White River State Park, and IUPUI.   There was so much to see, the courses ended up being very long sprints.

Thanks to all the volunteers:

Brenda Blacklock:  Event Director; canal area map and course design; control pick up

Rob Minto:  Event Director; IUPUI map and course design; control pick up

Stephanie Ross, Louis Smith, and Mattias Eriksson: club team coordinators

Jerry Lyons:  registration

Matthew Robbins:  results

Amy Lamborg:  medals

Aidan Minto:  equipment help; control pick-up

Pat Meehan:  course consultant

Thurston Miller:  jack of all trades help 

Ben Hart, Kyle Wills, Mattias Eriksson, Alex Eriksson, and Lucia Neal: control pick-up

Also special thanks to all of the properties that gave us access free of charge:  IUPUI, White River State Park, Eiteljorg Museum, Indiana State Museum, Indiana Historical Society, the Cultural Trail, and the Indiana State House and Government Center.

Individual Tournament Results 

B Final:  Women  1    Helen Gardner  ICO

                             2    Chiori Shimizu  COOC/OCIN

                             3    Stephanie Ross   OCIN

               Men       1    Bruce Metz   CAOC

                             2    Shin Shimizu  COOC/OCIN

                             3    Brian Petersson   ICO

A Final     1   Aidan Minto    ICO

                2   Dan Mukhin   ICO

                3   Mattias Eriksson    ICO

Sprint Relay Club Championships

12 pt Class:        1   Lucia Neal, Brian Petersson, Jerry Lyons   ICO

                           2   Stephanie Ross, Amy Lamborg, Stephanie Ross   OCIN

                           3   Josyln Dunlap, Shannon Ludwig, Laurie Bishop    OLOU

8 pt Class:          1  Ben Hart, Chiori Shimizu, Jasper Ralinovsky   OCIN

                           2  Alex Eriksson, Kyle Wills, Rob Minto   ICO

                           3  Jason Feaster, Chris Gerstle, Brian Baker   OLOU

4 pt Class:          1  Justin Feaster, Ian Dunlap, Ryan Dunlap    OLOU

                           2  Helen Gardner, Mattias Eriksson, Aidan Minto   ICO

Club Champions:  ICO

Full Individual and Club Results can be found attached below and on Attackpoint.