Rogaine Thank You

Post date: Apr 11, 2012 2:5:17 AM

Sorry everyone, this is not the post letting you all know that the results are posted (although they will be posted soon).  The club just wanted to thank everyone that made this years rogaine possible.  Jerry Lyons helped out with setting controls, and his mom and step-dad were kind enough to man the food for our famished racers.  (And they're not even orienteers, much less club members!)  Al Gomez was kind enough to come out and volunteer the day of the event after his team was unable to make it.  And for those of you that are going to help clear controls, thank you too!!

Most of all though we need to send a HUGE thanks to Frank Baukert, who has been the driving force behind this event for the club for TEN YEARS!  Without Frank there would likely not be a Conquer the Crossroads Rogaine.  His relentless effort and hours and hours of personal time have been truly remarkable.  Please consider sending Frank a quick thank you note if you've ever participated in one of our rogaines.  You can reach him at  It won't be a surprise, as he's on this email list, but I'm sure he'll appreciate it all the same, and he certainly deserves the recognition.

Thanks for your support and we'll see you out there!

(And yes, we'll get the results up soon.)