2011 Conquer the Crossroads

Post date: Apr 06, 2011 7:19:45 PM

First of all, our apologies for the long delay on getting results out.  Between "real life" interfering with our volunteers' free time, and us handling both electronic and manual punches for the first time, it's taken quite  while.

We had an absolutely fantastic turnout for this years rogaine!  Over 90 people on 37 teams came out to enjoy our 6 and 12 hour courses.  The weather was a bit chilly but all in all it was good despite some blustery snow flurries in the early evening.  (Gotta love the Midwest!)  TC Steele Memorial made for a great start location and was very accommodating.  We'd like to thank them very much for allowing us to use their facilities.  If you get a chance you should really check them out.

Preliminary unadjusted results are posted here.  We'll have complete results posted shortly that will include final rankings after applying penalties and making a couple of corrections.  The complete results will have both the team's time splits and control selection.  But, you can see what your team and other teams did as far as control selection, order of controls, etc.

As always we have a number of people to thank for this years event.  First and foremost is Frank Baukert, our "rogaine czar" that has spearheaded this event every year of its existence.  Without all of his hard work we wouldn't be having these events.  Next is Jerry Lyons whose hard work has been critical for all of our meets, including the rogaine.  Finally, we'd like to thank Al Gossard, Jay Newlin and Monty Wilson for helping out with control setting and pickup.

Next up is our Bradford Woods meet next weekend.  Now that spring is finally here, (for now anyways) it should be a great meet.

We'll send out another email once finalized results are done.