Skiles Test results posted

Post date: Dec 09, 2012 4:7:15 PM

Thanks to everyone who braved the sketchy weather yesterday to make it to the meet.  The results are now posted on the site.

A big thanks to Rob Minto for designing and setting the courses.  Not only did he make for some challenging runs on a small property like this, but he even helped us out with some much needed map updating.

Extra thanks to Brenda Blacklock, Aidan Minto, Jerry Lyons as well as Jennifer and Reggie Fields for race day admin.  As always Frank Baukert was present to keep our newcomers on course with a beginners clinic and Mattias Eriksson also pitched in to help with control retrieval at the end of the day.  Volunteers like these guys are what keep our meets happening!

Keep an eye on the website for an update on our annual score/adventure O on the west side of Eagle Creek.

See you out there!