Celery Bog Nature Area February 26, 2023

Join us for our first ever meet in West Lafayette on a brand new map! ICO's northern branch will host a point-to-point orienteering meet on Sun. Feb. 26.

Event: Regular point-to-point orienteering

Date: 02/26/2023

Location:  Celery Bog Nature Area, West Lafayette

Event Director:  Mattias Eriksson

Schedule: (West Lafayette is on Eastern Standard Time)

10:00 am -- Check-in opens

11:00 am -- First start

  3:00 pm -- Last start

  5:00 pm -- All courses close

(The Lilly Nature Center will offer indoor access from 1pm to 5pm, which may be nice in case of bad weather)

Skill Levels: All skill levels.

Courses: Courses offered will range from beginner (white) to expert (red). The following courses with their respective approximate length (as a bird would fly) will be offered:

Beginner (white) - <2km

Beginner/Intermediate (yellow) - ~3km

Intermediate (orange) - ~ 4km

Expert (brown) ~3-4km

Expert (red) ~7km

Important: pre-registration is required at the latest by February 25 (but earlier registration is strongly preferred) via the following link:


All proceeds from the event will be donated to a Ukrainian charity supporting children in the front-line city of Kharkiv. (https://a-help.com.ua/en/index.html)

(Additional donations may also qualify you for a Ukrainian lunch after the event at the event director's nearby home)