Permanent Orienteering Courses

There are two permanent orienteering courses installed in the local area. A permanent course is one where there are pre-installed markers in the woods that you can find in any order, and at your own pace.


Morgan-Monroe State Forest, near Martinsville, IN

The orienteering course at Morgan-Monroe State Forest is actually two courses: There's a small 8-control "compass course", where users can practice taking bearings and counting pace, and then there's a larger, more traditional 16-control orienteering course, where the emphasis is on map reading. The map/brochure for these courses is attached below, and can also be found at the MMSF web page, under the "Maps" tab.


Hoosier National Forest, near Story, IN

With the cooperation of The Story Inn and Orienteering Louisville, the Hoosier National Forest installed this course in 1993 (ICO didn't exist at that time!). It is a 25-control course in a particularly rugged and scenic portion of the HNF property near Story, IN. The basic informational brochure for the course is attached below, and is available for download from the HNF's Brochures/Publications page. The color 1:15000 orienteering map itself, as well as the key map showing the control locations, is available either at The Story Inn, or from the HNF directly. See the brochure below for ordering details.