05/21/16 - Yellowwood State Forest

Despite an ominous start to the day from a weather perspective Saturday ended up being a great day for orienteering at Yellowwood.  By now everyone is aware of how hilly this property is but we may have all underestimated the impact of the wet and slippery terrain when combined with all those hills made for a very challenging day!

A huge congratulations to all the runners that braved the woods!

We'd like to thank Rob and Aiden Minto for designing the courses for this meet, Jerry Lyons and Mike Garrison for setting the courses and directing, and Rob, Aiden, Jerry, Mike, Brenda Blacklock and Wangki Yuen for clearing the course.  Now that the club is running an electronic punching system we need to get the controls pulled the day of the meet and this is no small feat at a property like this!

Results summary is below, if you would like to see all the control to control splits (and you should, it's pretty cool) the HTML file is at the bottom of the page.

Thanks to everyone for coming out!



White Course: 11 controls 3.12 km 

  1 Cierra Baukert ICO             128:10

  2 Terri Dowell/Greg Lee          142:50

Yellow Course: 11 controls 3.17 km

  1 Steve Salerno/Colleen Salerno     79:20

  2 Arielle Knudsen/Chris Neon        80:48

    Ingrid Cummings ICO               mp

    Scott Miller/John Goddard         mp

Orange Course: 16 controls 4.8 km

  1 Arielle Knudsen/Chris Neon     152:40

    Mike Phillips ICO              mp

    Gary Reising                   DNF

Brown Course: 12 controls 4.33 km

  1 Ken Kling OLOU                 190:31

  2 Carl Christy OLOU              208:17

    Jim Carter OLOU                mp

    Chip Heberden/Jade Musik       mp

    Graeme Wilson ICO              DNF

Green Course: 14 controls 5.85 km

  1 Frank Baukert ICO              255:20

    John Pulsford                  DNF

Red Course: 18 controls 7.35 km

  1 Anders Hellgren Frölunda OL                104:52

  2 Aidan Minto ICO                            105:41

  3 Robert Minto ICO                           117:04

  4 Johan Hallgren ICO                         119:28

  5 Wangki Yuen OI                             148:37

  6 Jim Gordon CAOC                            170:10

    Brenda Blacklock ICO                       mp

    Danny West/Michael Disher/Paul Duselis     mp

    Todd Henson OCIN/David Lemrise             mp

   Seth Greiner/Emma Reising                  DNF