Cataract Void Results posted, Rogaine and memberships

Post date: Feb 23, 2011 4:32:36 PM

Results from our recent meet at Cataract Void are posted here.  This is a challenging map to hold an event on as much of the map detail is becoming dated.  Jerry Lyon's attempt to update the map was foiled by mother nature, much like our meet at this property was last year!  Anyone still interested in helping out with some map updating stay in contact with Jerry as we still intend to do this as a "club project".

Speaking of Jerry we want to give him and Debi Swinford a huge thanks for making this meet happen.  They braved the frozen slopes the weekend prior to flag the course and ran the meet on Saturday as well.  As always Frank Baukert was there to support our new orienteers with our beginners clinic, thanks Frank!


As you should all know our rogaine is coming up next month.  Registration is open online here, or you can print a form off of the website from this page and mail it in.  We are intending to use the new epunch system as much as possible for this meet, but we're not sure how many of the handheld units we'll have available at the time of the event.  So, if you would like to use one (and therefore be able to see all your splits for the entire rogaine!) sign up soon as we'll be handing those out on a first come first served basis based on when you registered and paid.

If you can't attend the rogaine we can always use help with hanging flags and clearing the course after the event.  Shoot us an email at and with your availability and we'll put you to work!


We've been updating our membership records and everyone that is a current member, or only recently expired, should receive an email within the next week.  If you do NOT receive an email and you know your a member, let us know!  We've got some things in the works this year to hopefully add more value to you membership and support of the club.

Indiana Crossroads Orienteering.