McAllister Park Lafayette

Sun. Feb. 25, 2024

This month we ventured north to a brand new map of McAllister Park in Lafayette made by Mattias and Alex Eriksson.  This is our second map in the Lafayette area.  McAllister Park is partially a retired golf course situated on the east bank of the Wabash River.  The prairie grass, ponds, marshes, and linear trails made for interesting Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert courses set by Alex and Mattias. 

Thanks to Alex and Mattias as a two-man wonder team for mapping the park, planning the courses, setting out and retrieving controls, and check-in and download.  Dylan Poe and Rob Minto helped with control pick up.   

Thanks  to all who came out and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

To upload/share your own route (e.g., from Strava) or analyze the route choices of others, see this link to the LiveLox page for this event.  Results with splits are also posted to Attackpoint.