2024 Conquer the Crossroads Rogaine

Jackson-Washington State Forest

Sat. March 23, 2024

Over 65 rogainers met at Delaney Creek Park at Jackson-Washington State Forest to take on the steep southern Indiana knobs for the 22nd Annual Conquer the Crossroads.  Thanks to Event Director, Frank Baukert, for planning the course and setting out controls, to Jerry Lyons for map printing and helping at meet headquarters, to Brenda Blacklock for registration and food, and to everyone going back to the woods to pick up controls. 


Are you curious about how your Conquer the Crossroads Rogaine plan and execution compares to other runners? Upload your GPS track to the Livelox event and rerun the race from your computer. https://www.livelox.com/.../Conquer-the-Crossroads-Rogaine

2024 Conquer the Crossroads Results