12/10/16 Story

Saturday was cold but what a wonderful day to be back on the Story Hoosier National Forest map with its steep but beautiful open woods.

Over 25 orienteers dressed in blaze orange took on the advanced courses set by Rob Minto and Aidan Minto that allowed for lots of fast running but required some focus as you bore down on each control.  The map has been partially updated thanks to Dan Mattingly (OLOU/OBLUE) for providing the starting map and Rob and Aidan Minto for field checking and cartography.  Thanks to Aidan Minto, Brenda Blacklock, and Rob Minto for putting out controls; Doug Peterson for enduring the cold to start runners; Mike Garrison for printing maps and venturing into Gander Mountain to buy blaze orange hats; Frank Baukert for providing a stove so we could warm up with hot chocolate; and Mattias Eriksson, Robert Pumphreys, Aidan Minto, Bruce Moore, Ken Kling, Ben King, Ryan Dunlap, Brenda Blacklock, Tom Svobodny, Rob Minto, and Mike Garrison for clearing controls in less than 1.5 hrs.  This was truly a group effort!

We are sad to say farewell to Wangki Yuen who ran his last race in the US (for now).  His enthusiasm and positive energy will be missed from Midwestern meets as he moves home to Hong Kong.

Blue Course: 15 controls 8.97 km 500 m

  1 Mattias Eriksson                91:21

  2 Aidan Minto                    100:22

  3 Ben King                       103:05

  4 Michael Garrison               105:39

  5 Tom Svobodny                   122:47

  6 Wangki Yuen                    124:31

  7 Aaron Smith                    140:58

  8 Jerry Lyons                    143:16

  9 Ryan Dunlap                    150:08

 10 Robert Pumphrey                184:08

    Evgeny Mukhin & Maria Varchenko DNF

    Dick Whicker & Alan Gossard     DNF

Brown Course: 10 controls 4.15 km 235 m

    Graeme Wilson Group            DNF

Green Course: 9 controls 5.4 km 305 m

  1 Dan Mattingly                  103:19

  2 Ken Kling                      140:58

  3 Frank Baukert & Frank Jr.      204:19

    Brenda Blacklock               DNF

    Louis & Linda Smith            DNF

Red Course: 11 controls 7.38 km 400 m

  1 Bruce Moore                    102:57  

    Robert Minto (course setter)    94:48

    Mark Rue                       DNF

    Paul Overhauser                DNF