06/15/14 - Skiles Test Nature Park

It seems a little overdone to start every meet summary with a comment about the weather, but it's hard not to after this past weekend.  For Sunday morning's meet the weather was truly amazing and we had a solid turnout on Father's Day.  We had a few first-timers take a shot at the White and Yellow courses, but by far the biggest interest was in the Orange course.


The "stiff" Orange made good use of the small property and proved to be pretty challenging for all comers.  Mattias Eriksson once again logged the fastest time, even while clearing a good number of the controls!  Aidan Minto was a mere 6 minutes behind, putting him a few spots in front of his dad (obviously no Father's Day handicap between those two!). The rest of the results can be found below (and attached).


It was also great to see Jim Dill, one of the founding club members, and Dominic Reitman, a past club officer, out enjoying the day.


As always there are plenty of thanks to go around.  Robert Pumphrey managed course design and flagging for the first time, (and based on everyone's feedback did a really good job).  Michael and Cristal Garrison (and their dog Indy) set the course on Saturday and worked the meet Sunday morning.  Rob Minto came through with some very nice pre-marked maps with integrated clue sheets, and Rob, Aidan and Brenda helped Mattias clean up the course.


The next meet is coming up in July, please let us know if you are able to help out in any way!