03/06/16 - Camp Ransburg

Many new faces and lots of 'regular' friends had a sunny, dry day to run through the mostly open woods of Camp Ransburg.  A few briars kept the advanced runners moving as they speedily wended their way through the southern hills trying to find controls lurking in subtle gullies and depressions.  Some runners took advantage of comfy trees for a rest after one-too-many hills and others even took time out for a leisurely lunch.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped setting up, running and tearing down the meet; Greg Fasig, Brenda Blacklock, and Aidan Minto helped set stands for four of the five courses on Saturday; Al Gossard,

Dick Whicker, Jordan and Skyler Hertel, Mahlon Page, Stephanie Ross, Ben Hart, Mike Minium, Tom Svobodny, Aidan and Brenda picked up controls.

Those new to the sport had a brief clinic by Frank Baukert or Mike Minium before starting their courses. Matthew Robbins made sure nearly everyone got their results at the meet and Aidan and Brenda covered the registration rush.  See you in the woods at the next meet!  -- Rob Minto, course setter