01/02/16 - ICO Cold-O (Belzer/Skiles Test)

Open the HTML attachments below to view the full meet result details!

The Cold-O this year was like the rest of the winter, not-so-cold!  It was a beautiful day to be in the woods, so good that we gave every last printed map to a runner.  Warrior of the day went to Tom Svobodny who pushed through essentially the whole course after battling a rock with his face but still seemed cheery enough.   Thanks to the meet directors Joel Sauer and Brad Kirschling for course design and control setting; Brenda Blacklock for registration; Mattias Eriksson, Alan Koers, Joel Sauer, and Brad Kirschling for control pickup, Aidan Minto for mapping and Rob Minto for mapping and results.  The day was finally a wrap once Alan had finally got his keys back.

P.S.  Thanks to everyone for their patience as we adjust to both electronic results and online registration.  If you are interested in purchasing an SI card with a retainer strap, they are available from the club.  See you at the next meet!


The results for today's meet are in a new more detailed format using homespun club software.  Here is a key to understanding the results (column headings are in bold).

Today's meet was scored where the control number was the exact points value of the control; for every full minute late, 30 points were deducted as a penalty (this can vary from meet to meet, scoring is the meet directors' prerogative).  Runners are ranked first by final score and equal scores are tiebroken by total time.  Names, final score, and total time are on the left of the spreadsheet.

Each Record CN (control number) is followed by two numbers shown as Record Time:  your overall elapsed time on the course (above in italics) and the split time for the leg from the previous control below.  Many runners compare splits to determine what the optimal time is for a leg is.  At a meet, if you ask other runners, you will likely find several variations in routes between checkpoints.

Light blue, pink, purple and peach are the special controls that you were allowed to punch on the way to and back from Skiles.

If you have a dark brick red background at one of your controls, the box was punched more times than allowed (usually these have very short times caused by runners making sure they really punched the box.